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Lapis Lazuli is a well known gemstone today but, the beginnings of blue lapis were quite distant from being a jewelry favorite. Lapis lazuli stones were ground to a fine powder and used to make 'ultramarine' paint. History tells us that at some point, lapis gems were even referred to as 'sapphires', much like all green stones were called emeralds and the only name given to a red gem (irrespective of what it actually was) was 'ruby'.

When gem and jewelry buyers look for lapis gem stone jewelry they are often keen to get a dark blue color, they also expect their lapis lazuli gemstones to be a uniform blue with no white patches or no metallic specks. Many of them are obviously not aware that blue lapis lazuli is always found with pyrite (metallic specks) and white calcite (as streaks or patches). So when you insist on a blue lapis lazuli stone with a uniform blue color, you actually encourage or force the jeweler to use a dyed gem stone! Keep this in mind when choosing the color and quality of your lapis stone. We would suggest that you merely keep a color like light blue, medium blue or deep blue as your preference. Next make sure that there are not too many visible inclusions of pyrite and calcite. You should ofcourse insist on a blue lapis stone that has no surface cracks present, as this might reduce the durability of the stone in the longterm.

Interesting names like denim lapis are often heard when talking about blue lapis lazuli. Basically denim lapis is a lapis stone with a fairly uniform lighter shade of blue. It would compare the mild blue color of denim fabric and was therefore given this name. If you want an technical explanation to the denim color of some lapis stones, here it is. Most blue lapis lazuli that is the shade of denim is formed by a fairly high proportion of calcite but, the calcite in the lapis is quite evenly spread all across the stone. The subdues the blue saturation in the stone and brings out that rather pale blue color.  

At Directstones we procure riugh lapis stones directly from the mining locations. The gems are then custom cut to your specifications. You can purchase loose lapis gems or request for a complete jewel to be custom made. Our support team at will be glad to provide you with any information that you need related to gems and jewelry. We have no minimum order stipulations in terms of volume or value, even single piece gem stone or jewelry orders are welcome.


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