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Blue Gem Stone, Silver Specks

Metallic Specks And White Patches In Blue Lapis Lazuli

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There are some common blue lapis queries received by the support team each week. People have seen a blue stone with silver or gold color specks, they would like to know the name of such a blue gemstone. In other cases, the person knows that the gem stone is a blue lapis lazuli but, wonders what the silver specks in the stone are composed of. In this article we provide simple non-technical and honest answers to these queries.

If you come across a blue gem stone with silver or gold specks, first have a look at the images on this page. Does this blue gem with metallic dots or spots resemble this gem stone? In addition to these spots you might also find white patches or spots on the stone. If this describes the blue stone that you have seen, it is a blue lapis lazuli gem. Now coming to the silver specks or spots on the gem stone. For a long time even seasoned gem buyers presumed these to be gold. A more scientific analysis revealed that, these silver or gold specks on the blue stone were infact pyrite and not gold.

blue lapis gemstone with silver specks of pyrite
The above image clearly shows the metallic pyrite inclusions in blue lapis. These specks could be silver or gold color. Some blue lapis stones show a fairly high occurence of pyrite in the form of metallic specks. The whitish patches that you can see on lapis gems is mainly calcite.

We just mentioned that the metallic spots could be found along with whitish patches on the lapis. The white portion is calcite, both pyrite and clacite exist naturally on lapis lazuli gems. The blue color of lapis can be a pale blue if the calcite presence dominates, the gem could sometimes be a very deep blue color too. When the color is a lighter blue, you might not see the silver or gold color specks very clearly.

Blue lapis will always show pyrite and calcite presence but, you might sometimes see this gem stone with a dark blue color evenly spread over the gem. If you come across such a blue lapis lazuli gem, you can be almost a 100% sure that the piece would have been dyed a blue color. It is not uncommon for jewelry buyers to insisit on dark blue lapis gems with no color spots or patches. It is also very uncommon for gem and jewelry providers to tell such buyers that, their gem stone is being dyed to bring out the color that they desire!

So when you come across a blue stone that is opaque and shows some metallic spots, remember the contents of this report and look at the possibility of it being a blue lapis lazuli gem. There is one other blue stone that also shows whitish patches and can resemble the color of lapis, this is Sodalite. In the case of Sodalite gems you would not be seeing the metallic pyrite spots in the stone.

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